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With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

As we are awaiting the 29 May national election outcome results, it seems that South Africa has underscored the electorate's demand for comprehensive reforms and a commitment to addressing pressing socio-economic challenges, signalling a pivotal shift in the nation's political landscape.

Industrial engineering professionals are at the forefront of transforming South Africa’s economic landscape, particularly within the context of the country’s evolving political arena. As South Africa navigates a period of significant socio-political change, the role of Industrial engineering professionals has never been more critical. Industrial engineering professionals are uniquely positioned to drive efficiency, innovation, and sustainability across various sectors, addressing the urgent needs of a nation striving for inclusive growth and development.

One of the pivotal contributions of industrial engineering professionals is its ability to streamline operations and enhance productivity. This is essential in a country where industries must adapt to new regulations and global competitiveness. Industrial engineering professionals play a crucial role in optimising supply chains, reducing waste, and implementing cutting-edge technologies, thereby ensuring that South African businesses can compete on an international stage.

Moreover, Industrial engineering professionals could be more instrumental in advancing social equity. By designing systems that are not only efficient but also equitable, industrial engineering professionals contribute to creating job opportunities and improving working conditions. This aligns with South Africa’s requirement of reducing unemployment and fostering a more inclusive economy.


In the new political arena, where policy shifts and economic reforms are frequent, the adaptability and problem-solving skills of industrial engineering professionals are invaluable. They are the architects of a resilient economy, capable of weathering political changes while driving sustainable development.

As South Africa looks to the post-election future, the strategic role of Industrial engineering professionals will be a cornerstone in building a prosperous and equitable society. Let us tackle this challenge!

This edition has a total of 11 articles, with 7 from authors with South African connections and the balance from international authors.

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Corne Schutte



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