The Development Of A Theoretical Lean Culture Causal Framework To Support The Effective Implementation Of Lean In Automotive Component Manufacturers


  • Karl Robert van der Merwe Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • J.J. Pieterse The NMMU Business School Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa
  • Ann Lourens Department of Industrial Engineering Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa



lean, industrial engineering, continuous improvement, organisational culture, lean culture


Although it is generally accepted that lean manufacturing improves operational performance, many organisations are struggling to adapt to the lean philosophy. The purpose of this study is to contribute to a more effective strategy for implementing the lean manufacturing improvement philosophy. The study sets out both to integrate well-researched findings and theories related to generic organisational culture with more recent research and experience related to lean culture, and to examine the role that culture plays in the effective implementation of lean manufacturing principles and techniques. The ultimate aim of this exercise is to develop a theoretical lean culture causal framework.

Author Biography

Karl Robert van der Merwe, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Industrial Engineering Department

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