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Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again 
- Nelson Mandela

 At the end of 2020, I noted that the journal had a good year despite COVID. It is disappointing that we are still living with the effects of COVID, now with Omicron that is yet again disrupting December holiday plans! But, we as Industrial Engineers are resilient, and new ways of doing business and making good things happen, are still part of our DNA.

As initiated the end of 2017, it is now customary to evaluate how the journal is performing. Scopus ( measures impact with a “CiteScore” and the graph in Fig 1 (see the PDF) (extracted from Scopus on 10 December 2021) shows the progress made over the last few years. The CiteScore for a year is calculated as Citation Count for the year divided by the number of documents the previous 3 years. The Citescore for 2019 was 1.4 (Measured May 2020), and the Citescore for 2020 is slightly lower at 1.3. Our ranking with regard to the Percentile in the category, is currently stable as a Q3 journal. Another important source for journal standing, is Scimago Journal and Country Rank (, where the journal is also listed as a Q3 journal in the “Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering” subject area. It is very encouraging to observe how the number of citations has been growing (See Figure 2 in PDF).

This edition has a total of 10 articles, with 8 from authors with South African connections and the balance from international authors.

On a sad note, our Technical Editor, Dr Herman Hamersma, has resigned. Herman has been involved in the journal for eight years, and the professional layout and final editing has been the result of his hard work and dedication. He is being replaced by Mia Mangaroo-Pillay. She is a lecturer at the Department of Industrial Engineering at North-West University. We are glad to have you on-board, Mia!

If you have suggestions on how we can take this journal forward, please let me know.

Corne Schutte





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